What We Do

Kabateck Strategies has more than 30 years of experience, relationships and know-how in the State Capitol.

Kabateck Strategies has more than 30 years of experience, relationships and know-how in the State Capitol and with leaders at every level to make sure you are heard by the highest-level decision makers to help you win your battles. We will get you in the room with the right legislative and executive branch leaders, key regulators and organization leaders – and help you develop winning strategies to get you those winning outcomes. Our services include:

  • Coalition Building and Mobilization
  • Association Strategy and Planning
  • Media Relations and Communication
  • Digital and Social Media Strategies

Coalition Building & Mobilization

With more than three decades of leadership with developing, organizing and mobilizing key grassroots organizations and coalitions Kabateck Strategies can help shape public opinion with the “powers that be”.  Whether it’s a key piece of legislation, a local or statewide ballot measure or long-term issue advocacy campaign, nothing is more important than “moving the masses” to help influence an important position or public policy. Our expertise includes managing statewide Governor’s races, leading business trade organizations and developing executive-level coalitions and strategies. We have the grassroots organizing capability and business organization expertise that you will not find anywhere else in Sacramento or the Golden State.

Building an audience that shares your pains, frustrations and concerns can seem daunting, but with thousands of connections to small business owners, state and national associations, and legislators that care about their constituents, we know how to build and mobilize a team behind you.

Association Strategy & Planning

If you want your business or organization to get results in the State Capitol or at any level, you first need to be taken seriously – and positioned well. Kabateck Strategies has the full-service team and organization to develop and enhance your image among policymakers, the media, and general public to make sure you are seen as the leader and not just one of the pack. We will help you develop a comprehensive, effective and sustainable plan that gets your organization and who you represent the important recognition and messaging that ensures your success on any given issue you are fighting for.

Nothing is more frustrating than facing that horrible “wall of bureaucracy” when you need to get something done for your business or organization. You place a call to Sacramento and are placed on hold, get the bureaucratic run-around, or, worse, never hear back from anyone…until it’s too late. Kabateck Strategies has both the know-how and top-to-bottom network with economic development, business, health care, environmental regulators and leaders in Sacramento and across California to make sure you and your organization cut through the bureaucratic red tape get answers and results.

Media Relations And Communication

With a unique perspective and long-time relationships within the media, Kabateck Strategies can turn a concept into an effective campaign and reach in targeted markets. From San Diego and Los Angeles, to the Bay Area and Capitol City, we have the connections and voice to productively communicate your message to influencer markets. We have the knowledge and understanding of traditional media (print, television and radio), with the capacity to incorporate the digital forefront (bloggers, social influencers and online publications).

Aside from the connections we have made throughout the years, the more important piece of communication is YOUR story. With experience developing communication strategies and campaigns for State Governors, state-wide associations, small businesses and non-profits, Kabateck Strategies knows how to deliver your unique story in a package that audiences can connect to.

Digital And Social Media Strategies

We offer services that enhance your capabilities and reach into the digital frontier. We understand the digital and social worlds are still foreign and need special attention, so we have enlisted the industry experts with more than 20 years of experience developing premier digital marketing strategies including services such as:

  • Website development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing and list building
  • Digital lobbying tools (reaching and influencing policy makes and decision makers online)
  • Constituent outreach