Main Street Takes the Hill: Small Business Week in D.C. with NFIB

John Kabateck, President of Kabateck Strategies, recently spent the week with our client, the NFIB, the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, and more than 700 “mom and pop” members exchanging views and concerns with policymakers. Highlights included remarks by President Trump to NFIB members and a private meeting with California Congressional delegation, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. A few key things remain evident after a productive week “taking the Hill”:

  • Small business owners are already benefiting tremendously from the federal tax bill – reinvesting in their business, creating jobs and growing! With the bill currently due to sunset in 2025, many small business owners are urging leaders on both sides of the political aisle to keep this good small biz momentum going, and make the tax bill permanent.
  • At NFIB’s general meeting, President Trump announced that small businesses will now be able to band together across state lines to identify more affordable health insurance for them and their employees. NFIB was the lead plaintiff challenging ObamaCare and the onerous costs and challenges it would bring – but NFIB also advocated for meaningful solutions, including an opportunity for businesses to band together to find more affordable health insurance for the workplace. This news is most welcome and gives small employers relief – and more choice in the marketplace.
  • It is evident that there is no easy solution to immigration reform, but most everyone seems to agree that something needs to be done that is more comprehensive, promotes the American Dream, encourages a reasonable and linear pathway to citizenship done the right way, and allows small businesses and jobs to continue to grow. Both Democrat and Republican members of Congress have a consensus with this thought and the importance for small business to be heard and at the table. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, but the neighborhood farmer, retailer, restaurateur and auto shop must not be an afterthought in this debate.

Kudos and thanks to the many small business owners who took the time to attend this NFIB event – and also to the many job creators who every day make their voice heard. In this election year, now is the time to hold your policymakers accountable and be sure actions match words when it comes to entrepreneurism, job creation and the American Dream.