Episode 13: Newsome’s Run for the Presidency… and more

Oh boy, there's a little friction in the room today as Paul Mitchell returns for a discussion closer to the mid-terms with some more insight on many topics. Is Newsome running for President? (Hint:yes) Does he have a chance? (Hint:no) Or at least that's the opinion. How do California's elections influence the house? Hmmm. No more hints. What about the various propositions? That's an interesting discussion. How about the process for referendum? Paul shares a great observation here. The LA mayoral race? Again, a brief but interesting discussion.

This is will be both a prophetic and informative, but most importantly, memorable episode to refer back to in late November. Winners and losers, party performance and the effects of redistricting from an expert. This Glendale group of guys sums it all up.

Table of Contents