Episode 12: Senator Bradford on Homelessness, Crime, the Republican Party and More

This is one supercharged episode as the tension from the right and the left, that would be brothers John and Brian, and the topics of conversation are all California pain points. Senator Steven Bradford is steadfast in his positions and shares some observations that support both sides of the political aisle. Topics include, social equity, crime, homelessness and the state of the California exodus. Top those off with a dose of the Republican Party in the state of California, cannabis licensing, mental health issues and reparations and it makes for some great discussion. He's a supporter of collaboration, believes strongly in bi-partisanship and feels the Democrat Party in the state also needs to move more toward the center. You'll even learn a little more about the person, Steven Bradford vs the Politician Senator Bradford in the fast question segment of the podcast. His musical preferences may surprise you... but you'll have to listen for yourself. This episode is certain to generate, stimulate and even possibly infuriate.

Table of Contents